Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Movie Reviews

Occasionally I may review a movie I see at the theatre on here as well. So I will set forth a simple 5 star system for movie reviews. Which not the 10 point system used for games, i just think that movies are easier to recommend that movies because movies will only cost you 10 bucks while a game can be 60 bucks that you will be stuck with. So here it is

1 star, terrible movie that no one should see or support
2 stars, crappy movie that a few select will enjoy because they like that type of movie or source material. B-movies and Twilight goes here
3 stars, ok movies that many may find enjoyable but not perfect. Most should probably wait to rent.
4 stars, good movies that will be worth the price of admission to most and are competent pieces of entertainment. Maybe not thought provoking but good.
5 stars. Must sees for all. This is where the academy award nominees go along with the great blockbusters that are worth every penny.

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